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C&P from Grahameo

The problem is cleaning it... You certainly can, but you also don't want to damage the plastic cogs that the throttle position sensor and idle control valve operate by moving the butterfly by hand while cleaning...

Arm yourself with cotton buds, a clean lint free cloth, a helper to operate the throttle pedal, some carb cleaner spray and penetrating oil/ fluid spray.

while the induction pipe is removed out the way, turn the ignition on to MAR and get your helper to press the throttle pedal fully open.

Using the carb cleaner, give the inside of the TB a good spray... being careful not to drop the cotton buds inside the TB, start cleaning up the deposits left behind, you will usually see a ring of dirt and oil. Pay attention to the butterfly valve itself but do not apply too much pressure to it while cleaning it, just light pressure with a cotton bud soaked in carb cleaner will be fine. Around the area inside the TB, use the clean cloth to remove the deposits from the car cleaner and any dropped deposits. again, don't be tempted to move the butterfly.

Using the penetrating fluid, give the spindle bar a quick lubrication where it enters on both sides of the inner TB.
Release the throttle pedal and have a cursory look at you work to see if there is any deposits you have missed. Secure the induction pipe. Turn off ignition...
Do this next:

battery disconnect for 40 mins or alternatively leave for 5 minutes to dissipate charge and touch the two battery cables together (not the terminals on the battery of course)
Reconnect the battery.

Part 1.
1.Turn key to MAR (ignition on for 90 seconds)
2.Turn to stop for a further 90 seconds (leave key in)
3.Turn back to MAR for 90 seconds
4.After the final 90 seconds are up, start the engine but do not press the throttle and allow to idle for 15 minutes.
Your throttle position sensor and gearing is now reset to standard factory values
Part 2
Once the radiator fans kick in and the engine is finally up to optimum temperature (thus the 15 minutes wait on idle), Do not turn engine off, go for a drive right away (spirited and normal style using all gears and all rev range, 20 minutes will suffice) come back home let the car idle again until the radiator fan kicks in and switches itself off... Then turn the engine off.

Your throttle position sensor and gearing has set up for your driving habits

Job done

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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