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I've also posted this in the GTV section, but have had very little response. I am in need to help please, pretty please with a cherry on top, soon. Need to source an Evaporator that fits my car!

My GTV has been in the garage for a new evaporator to be fitted for quite a while!

The new one that I sourced, isn't the right one.

I have been given part number by Alfa dealer.


as the number for the evaporator for a 1999 GTV 2.0 with VIN


I need to know if this is correct, and more importantly, if that part number is shared with any other car.

Many Thanks


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Okay, I have managed to find a live online Eper, That part number refers to the whole assembly fitted to all 156s from 1997-2002 and all GTV and Spiders from 1998 to the end of production.

So, where can I get one from that isn't Alfa, I have googled till my eyes are bleeding!
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