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Been with British Gas for a number of years. Other companies have never been able to offer a deal worth switching for and so I've been pretty happy. Last week I noticed that the BG app for uploading meter readings wasn't working. Didn't really think much of it and thought I'd mention when I paid my bill which I received a few days earlier.

So got home on the Friday and there is a letter addressed to my partner only from EON. She opens it and they are demanding a meter reading?? So phoned BG who confirmed we've had our accounts closed!!! WTF. Neither of us signed up to anything. Hev did get caught by a representative in the street who said he could save her £14 if we switched which she politely declined as it wasn't worth it.

So anyway phone BG who were very helpful and have taken action to get the account back but they have said I may have to pay EON some money. I find this totally unbelievable and won't be paying EON anything on principle for being robbing bast***s.

So be warned if one of their people stops you in the street then tell them to F*** off :mad:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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