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This is fitted on the thermostat cup. The sensitive elements (2 NTC type), contained in a single body, translate temperature changes into resistance changes to measure coolant temperature.

The sensor is produced using semiconductor technology, so if the temperature of the sensor increases as the temperature of the coolant increases, the resistance decreases.

As the variation in resistance is not linear, for the same temperature increment, it is higher for low temperatures than for high temperatures.

The following functions are affected by the sensor:

coolant temperature information to the engine control unit
information for the instrument panel required for readings displayed to the driver.
The NTC earth connection is insulated from the sensor case; the sensor therefore comes with a four-way electrical connection.

The engine coolant temperature sensor also informs the climate control unit.

What i would like to no can this sensor tell my ecu the engine is to hot and cut the engine off it has been in 4 garages now no 1 can find the fault i had the HP fuel pump changed an the regulator.
for a while the car would not start at all (6months) ignition on the cooling fan on constantly on full, a few days ago i got her started ran for about 10 min and cut out again then i tern it back on to start it and the fan was off and temp gage was working but not starting.Today the fan is back on and no temp again?
I hope someone can answer this thanks.
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