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Engines Cuts Out

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I've just bought a T Spark GTV. It's only done 67,000 miles and looks like new. Unfortunately sometimes, when turning right, the engine temporary loses power and the Engine Control System warning light comes on. As soon as I straighten up, everything goes back to normal.

I need hardly say that there's little worse than an intermittent electrical/electronic problem for faultfinding. So I'm hoping that someone might know something about it.
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Check that the Battery is secure. People have reported similar problems when turning as the +ve Terminal on the Battery can short out to the Body when turning if the Battery is not secure.
I think you've got it. I've just checked, and as you suggest, the battery's loose. Not only that but I can see that the centrifugal force of a hard right turn could cause a short.

I've secured it and will try some hard cornering when it's not raining.

Thanks very much.

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