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First of all, I am sorry becuse of my broken english.

My previous Alfa was 146 ti with 2.0 ts engine, now I have 156 1.8 ts.

I can feel the difference between this two engines, but I do not know is iit something wrong with my 156, or i can feel the lack of balanser shafts on this 1.8 ts engine.

It is hard to explain, but 2.0 at 3k rpm in second gear sounds good and engine has that crispy sound and feel, I hear and feel that smal, and smooth rrrrrrrrrr, almost like electromotor zzzzzzzzzzz, that is good.
That engine is reving so light, and it is willing to rev high.

Now... This 1.8 ts has much bigger rrrrrrrrrr sound, and feel. I can feel vibrations on the steering wheel, and on the pedals, even I can feel vibrations in the dashboard.
Reving is not so smooth, the sound is not that nice at high engine speeds, it is now willing to rev nice beyond 5k rpm, and the feel of the whole car s something between diesel and petrol.

I need to say, both of my cars ar in very good condition, also I went to the service, they thold me my car is one normal, and good Alfa 156, and they do not hear anything strange, or bad.
They are very professional, and I believe in their opinion, but later they give me another 156 but 2.0 to try, and there was no vibrations, or that big rrrrrrrr sound.

Another thing I need to say, I am a musician, and music producer, my ears are maybe too sensitive, but this is not good if you ask me.

So my questions is, is it possible to feel the difference between an engine with, and without balanser shafts?
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