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Hi, I recently bought an Alfa and it doesn´t have full power, it feels like about 100 hp and it doesn´t pull in the higher revs (slow acceleration at 4000-7000 rpm).
Sometimes at hard acceleration it hesitates and the enginelight and go to dealer comes on.
I have a diagnose instrument and it showes errorcodes: P0300, P0301, P0302, P0303 which are engine misfire codes.
It also shows P0136 and P1141 which are O2 sensor codes.
When I start the engine the instrument reads:
O2S12 about 0,500 V
O2S11 about -0,100 mA
O2S21 about 0,000 mA

The engine got new NGK spark plugs and new Bosch MAF and new airfilter.
I guess there is a problem with an O2 sensor but I don´t know which one :confused:

Hope you guys can help me becuse I love the car

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'02 JTS engine have a know issue with the injectors getting clogged up from carbon build up. to fix requires removing the head.

The P300/01/02/03 refers to HT pack failures, replace the 4 hT packs.
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