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While following ShiftyBloke's EGR Valve cleaning instructions I noticed something didn't quite match up regarding the removal of the engine cover.

I removed the 3 bolts and the cover came away immediately, I didn't have to pull apart a popper in the top right hand side.
Where I suspect the popper should be there is a bolt-like item appearing from the bottom of the underside of the cover (no bolt head though) which slots into a larger bolt-hole in the top of the engine. The bolt in the cover is a few mm's smaller than the bolt-hole in the engine as though there should be something that sits between them. Obviously it's not critical but it does mean the engine cover rattles a bit when the engine's running.

Is there a simple item that screws into the hole for the bolt to slot into?



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Usually it's a big bit of rubber in the cover and a ball headed bolt on the engine that it fits onto. Have a look around the engine to see if it's fallen off as you removed the cover.
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