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Hi! people. Could you please tell me what could be the problem of my beauty? it looks very similar to this Alfa Romeo 147 - Electrical Issues - YouTube
Except that my dash it's completely dark miles don't count towards and when I press the brake the engine cut's out same with the reverse.

The lights of the brakes don't come on anymore :-(

I just become a daddy of my first baby and all the money went to build her little bedroom :cry: and my MOT it's due in november :(

It all happened 2 months ago when I left the car at Gatwick for 2 weeks ( prefered to give birth in Italy) When I comeback the car failed to start ( I thought of a battery) then started and randomly the issue was coming and going.

I have messaged the guy who made that clip on youtube but he has not responded me yet. :-(

Where shall I start looking?

I got lot's of tools and I got the OBD cable too `

So far I have been driving only braking with the handbrake and touching the brakes only when I have to (driving only off peak). But the engine cuts and it takes 6 8 try before it starts again (like the immo would stop reading the RF ID from the key for few seconds).
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