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electric window problem

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My driver's side window is doing the following:
when switch is pressed window will move up or down small amount only
if switch is released then pressed again few seconds later it will move a further small amount
if switch is pressed for longer period(one touch action) window will move small amount, pause, then move further small amount on its own.

Any help would be appreciated before I melt!
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Try lubricating the glass runners inside the door with some silicon spray, they may have become dry if the window hasn't been used much and not letting it move freely. If that doesn't work check the relay that controls the one touch on the drivers window.

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I guess there must be a pressure switch in the motor gearbox somewhere that detects the window getting to the end of its travel. If freeing the window off doesn't work this must be it I guess. Either that or the regulator's gone U/S. I'll have a look at the circuit diagram later.

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