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I think this may be one of those Dyno fix jobs but here goes...
It don't pull like it used to. I think it happend overnight but its lost its urgency through 2nd and 3rd. It used to scare me with the way it can go from idle to redline in milliseconds but now it feels lethargic. :rant: It makes all the right noises and was serviced 2k ago although its done 71k and all the belts and variator have been done as have the Throttle position, Air Flow and air density sensors when the lambda went. Does the Throttle body crud up? Thinking about it the loud pedal is a bit stiff and I can feel the engine brake at 2250 rpm but I think thats the VVT doing its job. Any Ideas Peeps? Should I check the Fuel lines for blockages?
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