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yes i know that ol' chestnut...

Been to see Enzo at Autocasa today and he's informed me that the boost leak i thought i had, is actually an exhaust leak from the EGR.

he's suspecting the 'flat' gaskets that sit between the convoluted pipes and the cooler as crap-ly circled in this image.

as you can see ePER doesnt list them as a serviceable part and all my searching is coming back fruitless.

anyway... the old girl is mapped with DPF and EGR delete (but have been told by the company who mapped that it may not have been their policy in 2010 to fit a blanking kit).

I do want to completely blank rather than fit the 'reduced flow' type of 'blanking' kit. ideally would like to blank at exhaust and intake manifolds... what thickness of blanking plate is suitable for the 2.4? item 7 is shown but greyed out and labelled 'removed' as of 2005. (before 159s were built, possibly image and part reference left over from 156's??) so i dont really know what to do about it.

any links to an exhaust manifold end and intake manifold blanking kit and advice on what to do about the exhaust manifold gaskets for said blanking plate will be appreciated.
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