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Hi all...

As you may be aware CuoreSPORTIVO ICEO has changed its web site. The old "static" one has been replaced by the all "dynamic" web site featuring Microsoft's DotNET technology.

The organization is looking for authors / editors and Translators to keep the site up to date and help the evolution of the Italian car enthusiasts community on the web.

The new web site is now in 5 different languages (German, French, English, Italian and Turkish), and the original news feed should have to be translated from English and Italian to German, French and Turkish.

If you are have bi-lingual literatural capability then please mail [email protected] for details.

Because of the official close relationship of the organization with Italian automotive industry, that may be the key for the worldwide success for ex-model owners who were always been forgotten.



PS: CuoreSPORTIVO ICEO membership is free and is efficient if you have problems with your authorised sales and repairs channel in your area.
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