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Hi all,

I see some are really active with tuning.
My AR is modified in a few places and now I'm looking into WinOLS.

I've tinkered with it for about 4 weeks now and I changed a few things:
- RPM airco off to 930rpm (ori 850)
- RPM airco on to 930 (ori 900)
- EGR Switch from 1 to 0 (DTC off)
- EGR map to fully open

The RPM is because of a SMF with stage 1 clutch, raising the RPM reduces noise a bit when idling, so far it works and I like it!

I've now been busy looking up other maps, SOI, smoke, limiters etc.
It's nice to find all the basic maps and per DAMOS for 147 JTD I can find most maps in my own file. I havn't found a DAMOS of Map Pack for the 156 1.9 JTD 8v.
But I will try to find them myself with some help from the internet (basic map recognision).

It's fun to do and I have basic knowledge, but is someone able to tell me how to properly adjust some maps?
Just raising all value's won't do any good :)
It's all about when and how to release torque.
Some basic understanding would be nice.

I've read that I should not mess with the injection duration (it's good as it is) and shouldn't push the turbo pressure any further.
Again, I have (yet) still no clue what the smoke map, or several limiters do.

I changed a few things on my AR156:
- SMF + Stage 1 clutch (due to DMF failing and clutch wore out after 300.000km)
- WMI with 180cc nozzle, mixture isn't methanol but ethanol (cheaper) 1:1 mix.
- Downpipe without cat
- Cat replacement
- EGR is mechanicly (and now also in the SW) removed.
- Intake manifold is changed to a straight intake (butterfly valve for shutoff is removed)
- Turbo is revised (not altered).

I don't have the needs to go all the way, 160bhp is too much, I would like to keep it within a saver limit.

The intention is to drive this (rust free!) bella to at least 600.000 km :)

Any help is welcome and I do think I get the most of WinOLS now.
Maybe someone is willing to share a tuned map with me?
Only to compare and see what changes you made.

I have no interest is selling or tuning for others, just want to do my 156.

Thanks :thumbs:

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