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O.K. As we all probably know there is a 'sticky' above suggesting the ecu reset might be a miracle cure...........while others have dismissed it as folly.........what are the facts.

I have followed this procedure when I was having repeated 'engine light on low power senerio' and it cured my problem and this was following the car having been into an indy Alfa dealer who informed me the throttle pot was the problem and needed replacing..........:confused:. It has been suggested that all I done was actually a 'throttle reset' which is quite possibly true although I did do the whole procedure starting with the battery disconnected ?. The questions here are:
how does the throttle get confused in this manner in the 1st. place and more to the point should a decent garage not try this as part of the investigation as clearly the fault code suggesting a malfunction of the throttle pot was inacuarate. I may be speaking too soon here and it may in the long run prove to be the 'pot' as identified but I've covered about 4,000 miles of trouble free mixed driving since the incident and as such I'm quietly confident.

With regard to the ECU reset itself.....does it mean engine ecu or body ecu or both ?:confused:. My day job is heating/air con. service engineer and I know of several instances where just switching the power off then back on to a faulty unit will sometimes have no effect on a faullt yet removing the inlet mains power for a period very often resets things successfully so I suggest there is some truth to a power down reset. Having said that I very often find (not always) there is another fault somewhere which has caused the problem in the 1st. place.
Likewise as I'm sure we have all experienced computer (laptop) crashes for for no good reason only to find a simple restart and the p.c. is away working again....I've never had to disconnect the battery mind.
Also Alfa Worhshop suggest a reset after a jump start although I believe thats to reset the immobiliser....which I beleive is part of the body computer in some cars.

So what is the truth..............obviously if there is a component failure no reset is gonna cure that but that asides and bearing in mind the system does its own 'start up checks'....what is the answer.
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