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After personal experience and seeing other peoples comments about organised meets it struck me that
1. Many people miss events as they don't look in the regional forums
2. They didn't catch the details of the date in time
3. Generally speaking the AO forum is a good community but its difficult to know where people live and who may be up for official and unofficial meets.

I'm suggesting starting a thread for people in the EA region where if you want to take part in any kind of meets you can just simply add your location in your post. This information can then be used to invite directly those people to upcoming events so they don't miss out. Also it gives an opportunity to grow a specific local area for on the spur of the moment meets.

I'll start the post off and guys if we could keep the posts to simple name and location that would be good. Threads usually go way off topic after a few posts (i'm a culprit too) but for searching local peeps it would help to keep it just to the facts.:thumbs:

Just adding below list so far of locations to make contacting fellow local AO'ers easier. Sorry in advance if I bundle you into a nearby larger town. you may also want to add your location/details to this map too

Biggleswade - CJO (Chris)
Brightlingsea - macc155 (Steve)
Bury St. Edmunds - alfaholic156 (Charlie)
Cambridge - Alto Potere (Dave) , M.Bradbury (Michael) , hardcorealfaman (Paul) , CarbonioCopy (?)
Chatteris - nayf (Nathan)
Chelmsford - DanBoy24 (Danny)
Clacton On Sea - Clacton Col (Colin)
Colchester - JulianF (Julian) , liverpool9 (Mark)
Cromer - 156zoo (Dann)
Danbury - nigelread (Nigel)
Dereham - SteveD GT (Steve)
Diss - PsychoTeapot (Dave)
Ely - track5 (Chris)
Epping - harrythesnotgobbler (Harry)
Fakenham -filipharvey (Phil)
Felixstowe - PaulR (Paul) , alfa a (Nick)
Gorleston - macaluca (John)
Great Yarmouth - filbyman (Freddy) , jay_147 (Jason) , Pte1643 (Mark)
Hadleigh,Suffolk - Firecracker (Patricia)
Halstead - Singhabeer (David)
Haverhill - Zedd (Danny)
Heacham - SteveG (Steve)
Huntingdon - m.tuohy (Mick) , Ternal (Todd)
Spalding - GTAJim (James - Holbeach) , Head Rat (Jeff - Sutton Bridge)
Ipswich - SteveAlfaGT (Steve) , selespeed156 (Mark) , bath77 (David) , The Rat (Al) , alfapdent (Phil) , alfaspence (Spence) , SnowAngel x (Tanya) , Wibble (James)
Kings Lynn - jj147 (James) , Coddy (Colin - Marham)
Littleport - Meaner25 (Carman)
Long Stratton - andy900k (Andy)
Lowestoft - marco68 (Mark) , stefanwelton (Stef) , richyfox1 (Richard)
Milton Keynes - limey (Paul) , chickenboy (John)
Northampton - 1552.0 (Laurence) , 147momo (Chris)
Norwich - chutsy (Wayne) , andybob (Andy - Wymondham) , Vespasian (? - Wymondham) , Cyfa (David) , motomark121 (Mark) , b11eav (Carl)
Peterborough - Monty (Steve) , DeaDLock (Ed)
Sheringham - injunfighter (Mike)
Soham - DGAUTOS (David)
Spalding - J7NNO (Jon)
Stebbing/Stansted - manicatel (Matt)
St. Albans - gALL (Claudius)
St. Ives - dm_21 (Derek)
Sudbury - baby278278 (Katy)
Thetford - bigbak (Adam) , AValfaTi (Adam & Vicky)
Thurrock - Fierce (Carlos)
Yoxford - simp (?)
Watton - vince156 (Vince)
Weeley Heath - nav18tor (Roger)
Wisbech - maddmanGT (Andy)

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Mike - Sheringham.

But why, apart from two so far, does everyone's profile say "United Kingdom" :confused: ?
Surely it would be obvious if people were more specific in their profile?

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James - Holbeach (Spalding)

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Phil - Fakenham


There is a folk song called Fakenham Fair. I last saw it performed by Bellowhead. It was introduced thus:-

"This is a unique love song for Norfolk - it is the only one that involves more than one family"

I'm sorry - please don't respond - we want to keep this thread factual.
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