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Upon their UK return last year, my folks bought a MK5 Golf 1.6 FSI manual. It did its job for the time it took them to make a new home here and they clocked up 10k in it. I went in it maybe once or twice, and two things stood out; the ride quality was just superb (15" wheels), and how quiet it was.

My mum, however - now that the home is sorted - wanted to change it for an auto. And as of a week ago, they now have a 2010 MK6 Golf TDi auto.

Collected my mum from my nan's today to take her back home (and on arrival have a lunch worthy of a separate foodie thread :)), I got to see their new car. My dad asked me to take it for a drive, to see what I thought. I did barely two miles in the car and the gearbox is interesting. There was a slightly perceptible thunk as it changed first time from 1st to 2nd (car was cold when i started it), but every change thereafter was utterly, utterly smooth - through feel or sensation, without looking at the rev counter, I could not detect a single change/shift. I don't know if this is the DSG box or not, but it smoothness is extraordinary.

But here's a a roundabout, it seemed to hunt a bit between 2nd/1st/2nd, and on two corners it did the sort of dithered between gears.

The rest of the car? Maybe I'm used to old brakes, but my goodness new brakes just need a gentle caress and the car stops dead. Soon got used to them. Steering - hmm, felt 'synthetic', not true.

Still, a nice car, ideal for my 'rents. But i will take it for a longer drive next time just to see whether that interesting gearbox is a gem, or a flawed one.
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