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Droopy Sunvisor

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The sunvisor on the passenger side (of a right hand drive car) seems to have lost the will to stay put once it is raised to the roof (folded away position).:confused:

How do I repair this? Is there a way of removing the visor without destroying something? Does it just clip onto the metal elbow piece?

Apart from this, the visor is in good shape. No broken hinges and the vanity light still operates when the mirror is opened.

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Seems to be a common problem. Also happened to both of mine on my 147. Tried to fix the first one by attempting to take out the metal rod, but there is no way of getting it off without trashing it. Resorted to ebay and got a couple of off there in the end for a few quid. Easy change apart from fighting with the lighting plug to disconnect.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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