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drivers footwell Bonnet release lever back plate bolt size

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Does anyone know the thread size in the drivers side footwell for the bonnet release lever backplate? I removed it a few months ago when it snapped and I put the bolts in a safe place....turns out its a very safe place as I cant remember where :confused::lol:

I have tried an M6 which is approx the correct diameter but it isnt metric :rolleyes:
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I had the same problem a few weeks ago. The whole lever assembly had broken and when fitting a new one, guess what numpty had mislaid one of the bolts? Rummaged in my "spare bolts" box and found that a 1/4 unf bolt fitted. Couldn't use it at the end of the day though as it was too short, so I ended up graunching an M6 bolt in. Its still there :D
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