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Driver window not going up when forcing with key

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Hi all,

Of all the strange stuff that has happened with various Alfas I've owned this current one is utterly strange.

I have a 2011 Spider and now, due to very hot days I wanted, after locking the vehicle to go to work I decided to open the windows slightly with the unlocking button on the key.

Both windows went down as long as I held the button.

Before being fully satisfied, I wanted to check if both go up when I hold the lock button on the key.

Only the passenger window went up.

I tried a couple of times but with the same outcome.

So, when holding unlocking button both windows go down but when holding the lock button, only the passenger window go up.

Any ideas anyone?
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During my lunch break I took out the window fuse so I had to re align both windows (the classical up and down 5seconds procedure) but that didn't help either (which makes the whole thing even stranger).
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