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I have a problem with my 166 where the driver footwell is very wet. I had a quick look at the weekend, pulling the carpet up a little, and it looks like the soundproofing is soaking wet as well as the carpet. Obviously, I need to find where the water is coming in. Being the driver footwell, I have discounted the heater matrix, and the coolant level looks much the same as before. The carpet behind the foot pedals is dry so the main part that is wet is directly under the floor mat and under the driver seat. I am therefore going to look at four areas:

* water ingress from the driver door. Is the water draining properly from the door or is it seeping into the cabin ?
* blocked drain pipe under the wiper scuttle. If I remove the wipers and the plastic scuttle, I expect to find a drain pipe which might be blocked with muck.
* water ingress from the bulkhead. There are usually some holes in the bulkhead behind the foot pedals, which allow cables to be routed into the cabin. These are sealed but the seals might have perished over time.
* water ingress from below. There seem to be some rubber grommets related to the handbrake cable, and someone else on AO had a problem where they had worked their way loose and water came in from the holes where these cables come through the chassis.

I could do with some advice before I start.

Are there any other places I should be looking ?

Does the whole wiper assembly have to be removed before the scuttle will come out, or can I just remove the wiper arms/blades and then take the scuttle out ?

How do I get the carpet out so I can dry it ? Is it a single piece or can I just remove a portion from the driver's side and dry this ? Is it worth just cutting a section of carpet out rather than removing the whole carpet if it is one single piece ?

It did not seem that the soundproofing could be pulled up very easily. Is this just stuck down and needs a good tug, or are there clips/screws that I need to look for ?

Is the car OK to drive in the meantime ? Everything seems to work fine and I have one or two long journeys over the holiday period. Thanks for any advice/assistance.

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The carpet is one piece and to remove it you have to first;

1. disconnect battery

2. remove front seats

3. remove back seats

4. remove ics

5. remove side panels on the either side of the foot wells.

5. remove centre console it will not come out unless ics is removed first.

6. remove lower b - pillar covers

7. remove inner door kick covers

8. do it in a warm garage or in the summer!
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