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I understand that it's normal for temperature to fluctuate and that the gauge will read a constant 90°C, what I find concerning is that my thermostat seems to want to keep my engine at 70°C. I showed my telemetry graph to my mechanic and he told me not to worry. I'm not sure if I should spend the time and expense to replace the thermostat or just leave it and hope for the best.

Based on my observation of the real coolant temp and the indicated coolant temp, I would say the gauge doesn't average it over time, it simply maps one temperature to another like so:

Actual temp - indicated temp
50 - 50
55 - 60
60 - 70
65 - 80
70 - 90
80 - 90
90 - 90
97 - 90

In fact I always wondered how the mechanical thermostat could keep temperature so "constant" since the gauge always read perfect at 90°C lol.

I mean, my 3D printers are able to keep real temperature to 210°C and it doesn't vary more than 1°C over several hours, but they run a PID loop on the processor to achieve that level of precision.

Now I know the gauge in the car is lying, and the cooling system actually only keeps coolant temp to within +/-10°C. 😂
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