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My fifth gear has just started jumping out of gear for no reason - trundling down the motorway, neither under load, or lifting off, just cruising along.

I thought it had just vibrated loose or I'd knocked it or something but it did it again soon after.

What's wrong with the barst' (apart from it's got Jupiter mileage) and how easy is it to fix?

Who can do it, round NE Brummie/Leicestershire area?

He's a skinny body V6.

Ralf S.

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Are you ready for this?

Reasons that your car may jump out of gear...

1. Shift linkage out of adjustment.
2. Shift linkage bent or damaged.
3. Shift linkage parts loose.
4. Shift levers, shafts or forks worn
5. Shift cover loose or gasket damaged.
6: Transmission misaligned or loose.
7. Synchronizers worn or broken.
8. Clutch gear bearing retainer broken.
9. Clutch gear bearing worn or damaged.
10. Clutch pilot bearing worn or broken.
11. Mainshaft and/or pilot worn or damaged.
12. Mainshaft bearing worn or damaged.

Hmmm. Maybe a visit to the gearbox reconditioners is required. That said, i dont want to worry you too much eek! You could check the first few items yourself as the shift linkage may well be worn and easy to spot.


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Cheers dude - everything else seems just fine (shift quality, noise etc. haven't deteriorated) so I am hoping it's something simple.

I'll have a look underneath this weekend.

Ralf S.
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