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Hi, One and All.:)

Do you and I do enough
in expressing our needs
too the motor car designers?
I`ve no doubt that we all watch t.v. programs
with regards too the motorcar
but"do they ever stress the pointof
bad design cost money.
our money.

I have just returned from an Alfa Romeo garage
where they`ve just replaced a side light.(BULB)
the cost £51! in total.
When I stated, I thought this a bit steep
they replied be thankful it is not a Volvo.

My point is we watch cars converted into boats
caravans into moving targets
but little mention of design faults
on these motor programs.

"Should we not protest?"
and tell the manufacturers
that they jest.

John tL.

I know that I`m a Luddite,
but even I, in the distant past
have changed many a light.
modern day design is last.:confused:

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Try getting a headlight bulb changed on a GT... Bulb £157 (xenon) plus bumper-off fitting.

Thanks Alfa :thumbs:

The things I put up with for driving a beautiful car...

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Manufacturers 'up-scale' the features on their cars, the knock on effect is that the replacement costs are horrific.

There was a time you could drive around in your shonky old heap and get bits from the scrappy and repair the exhaust with a baked bean tin and two jubilee clips.

Those days are gone.
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