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Hello all !

I have a simple question (the same as the topic title) : do you know an ELM327 interface that works with MultiEcuScan ?

For those who love stories, I have one around that question. :)
I have a Proxi Alignement and a remote key coding to do on my 147, and I bought an ELM327 Wifi interface on eBay (my most visited website during lock-down :D), and, of course, it doesn't work : MES cannot connect to the body computer.
I've read that a 120 ohms resistor has to be removed from many interfaces to make them work with MultiEcuScan, which link pin 6 and pin 14 together : using a multimeter, I could check that there was a 120 ohms resistance between both.

I found the resistor and I removed it : there is now a 33 ohms resistance between pin 6 and pin 14. But it didn't change anything. :(

After having read so many forum topics, I'm now tired of looking for a solution, so, unless you have some piece of advice regarding the interface I have currently, I'm now willing to get a new one that works without anything to do but plugging it.
Do anyone has a suggestion ?

Thanks in advance ! ;)
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