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Hi all
Wifey has an Alfa Mito QV 1.5 years old. Was very happy with it.

Driving through McDonald's (don't go there!) she could smell burning, thought that car behind me stinks, looks i mirror and sees smoke, still thinks its the car behind until her car cuts out.
with help she got it pushed into a bay and waited for the AA to turn up.
AA man arrives and says i have seen a few of these, its the gearbox overheating, get it checked with Alfa as its under warranty

i'll just mention that i do engineering for a living shall i :)

it goes to Alfa dealer ,as its warranty anything has to be authorized by Alfa.

Now me being an engineer i would expect at a bear minimum, the transmission fluid removed, flushed with fresh oil and then replace with new oil and filter. told the Alfa dealer that's what i would expect as well.

However the response from Alfa is do nothing, we asked for that in writing and they refused.

so we have a car with smoke coming out of it, now this is obviously magic smoke created by the pixie fairy's according to Alfa and has no effect on the car hence DO NOTHING.

smoke from gearbox, well for starters that's the transmission oil being boiled and turning to smoke, so degraded/useless oil and a low level. gearbox seals likely to be leaking as well. but DO NOTHING.

Not to mention where the heat came from? again likely to be clutch wear plates rubbing/stuck/seized and the takes the life out of them and leaves crap in the oil going round the box. but DO NOTHING.

Car is on Alfa PCP, missus will now drive it til it blows up. when pcp ends Alfa WILL get the car back and we will not purchase another.

So Great little car but really ,really useless customer service.

I will put the reg number on here when i give the car back, if it survives that long. i would not want another Alfa buyer to end up with a limited lifetime gearbox when there's no warranty. (not that its much use anyway)

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Could be smoke from the overheating clutches rather than the gearbox itself. Either way, not good.
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