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Am having a great time with my routine maintenance on the 2003 147GTA

Am in the process off swapping out lower front arms and new bushes on the ARB and have discovered the clutch has decided to let go at the same time.:rolleyes:

Have sent a bit of time searching the net and these forums but can't find a "how to"

Has anybody changes their own clutch?

Are there any online "how to" for this proceedure?

Also being from a backwards country, our mechanics here (New Zealand) are unable to decide if this car has a dual mass flywheel or not. Anybody know?

Of corse I now have to do the obligatory Q2 Diff mod (plenty of info doing that one :thumbs: ).

Any help much appreciated.


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You have to:

unbolt the rear exhaust manifold to get at the starter motor

Remove the slave cylinder (otherwise you'll jam the operating level in the thrust bearing)

Drop the transmission tunnel and remove the subframe, see here:
Alfa Romeo forum: Front Anti Roll Bar ( GTA ) / Q2 diff

Then unbolt the drive shafts and remove the box.

Its a pull clutch, the thrust bearling goes on the gearbox inputshaft when you refit it NOT into the pressure plate.
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