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o help support the alfaowner Forum and its users, We have set up a discount code STRICTLY for the use of alfaowner Club Members.

As an improvement to last year, the discount code will be UNIQUE to the forum and is designed to be used by full members only. The code will offer a variable discount of between 10% and 25.5% off depending on the part, and the current online promotion – This means that the forum code will ALWAYS be equal to, or GREATER THAN the current online offer – resolving the old issue of different codes online.

Discount Code: CLUBALFAOWN

I know at face value 10/15/20 might seem like less than 25% (OK. It factually is less) but the Online Price has dropped aprox 22% since last year..

This means that you now get a discount, ONTOP of the discounted prices.

This process will help forum members as previously during 'sale' periods the code was totally removed (meaning 0% discount!) Now you get not only a discount, bit a larger discount than the general public!
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