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Replaced the diesel fuel filter on the 1.9 JTDM which was a pretty easy job to do. The only concern is the rubber seal for the Water Sensor at the base of the unit.

When refitting the sensor, I thought I was careful not to squish out the rubber seal and reassembled the unit OK, but really only "soft" hand tight.

There were no leaks the first day, but on the second, it was about 40 degrees Celcius here in Perth, Western Australia, and it started leaking diesel. The worst part is the diesel leaks straight down on to the hot exhaust pipe. Glad that vehicle wasn't doing a DPF regen at the time!!

Anyway, upon inspection, I must have squished the seal out a little, so refitted the same and reinstalled. Seams OK now but I must say I'm not exactly impressed with this seal arrangement.

Any thoughts on this by others? It's a little scary to think that a seal like this could possibly start a car fire if not installed correctly.
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