I'm selling this set of brand new car mats that I ordered for my ill-fated Giulia. No longer needed (long story!), so happy to sell these on for a bargain price.

Full set of mats for front and back, as well as the additional matching boot mat. They've just been delivered to me, so I will leave them packaged up for their new owner. I have had a peak inside the box to make sure contents are correct (they are!).

Really nice mats in black leather with red detailing. There are a couple of threads about them on here - here's one; Mats...

The set I ordered are here; Diamond Car Mats - Black and Red Stitching Car Mats Set

They took about four weeks to be delivered to me, and I paid £257 for them (£165 + £90 for the boot mat), so a nice time and money saving for someone buying these.

You can arrange to pick up in Central London (work) or South East London (home).

Thanks for looking. Stock image used as mats are still boxed.