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My fuel injection warning light has been on for a while now and my idle is getting eratic now so its time for me to sort it. I phoned my local alfa dealer who want £70 to plug in thier computer and tell me whats wrong eek! , robbery!, they'll probably just tell me its the lambda anyway. I was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere i could get it diagnosed for a more reasonable price?

Recently got my variator/bealts/oil/tensioner replaced at Clovertech for a labour cost of £165, which i was very happy with as my loacl dealer wanted £330. Thanks steve p for suggesting Clovertech! Everything was done in a day and fella who did it was a nice bloke and owned an awesome 164! I would recommend them to anyone.
Unfortunalty they dont have a diagnostic computer yet, so thats why im asking if theres anywhere else i can go.

Im considering taking a chance on it being the lambda and replacing it anyway...the reason being that the light appeared when my catalytic converter went and broke up in my exhaust which suggests that it was probably pieces on the cat that damaged the lambda during that time.

Any opinions would be much appreciated :rolleyes:

cheers guys!

Rob :D

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£70!!! My dealer charged me £25 to tell me it was lambda...........when it wasnt!!!

Any fuel injection specialist or decent techy should be able to test the sensor values and let you know if it is out of its range.

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