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Can I please ask what products you use , and why, on your Alfa... could you also put sequence in what you do
I've just prdered some Boora Carnauba wax, anyone used it ?

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This page has a lot of really useful information Car Care Advice | Detailing Advice | Polished Bliss Don't worry about specific brands, understanding the process is more important.

In the long run it will be cheaper if you define how much time and effort you wish to spend on the car. It is perfectly possible to spend a week polishing the paint and getting everything to show standards or at the other extreme I can do a quick wash and wax in about 15 minutes

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I do this twice a year...

Assuming I've already stripped my car of wax using Carpro Eraser so theres just bare paint.


Remove the wheel and arch liner.
Rinse loose dirt/dust from both using a pressure washer.
Apply tar & glue remover, allow it to work and rinse off.
Spray the wheel with Bilt Hamber Auto-Wheel (inside and outside the wheel) and allow it to work for 5-mins. I like B&H because it bleeds when it contacts brake dust and iron contaminants, it also contains a degreaser and requires no agitation.
Spray the arch liner with AutoBrite Direct FAB (50/50 mix) scrub clean with a soft brush and rinse.
Go back to the wheel and rinse off the wheel cleaner and check for any stubborn deposites, if there are I use Valet Pro Dragons Breath Fallout remover and a wheel brush to remove it then rinse.
If the wheel is now clean I clay it then wash it and dry it.
Finally I seal the wheel with Poor Boys wheel sealant.
I then refit the arch liner and wheel and repeat for all four wheels.
I then wait until the next day to do the rest of the car to give the wheel sealant time to fully cure.

Remove the numberplates.
Rinse the car with low pressure water to soften and remove any loose dirt.
Spray the car with ValetPro Citrus cleaner (10:1 mix) with a hand sprayer, leave to dwell for a couple of minutes and rinse off with a pressure washer.
Snow foam the car using either ValetPro PH Neutral or Bilt Hamber Auto-Foam. While this is dwelling I then clean the badges, fuel filler and number plate area's with a soft detailing brush.
Rinse the car with a pressure washer.
2-bucket wash using AutoBrite Direct Banana Gloss shampoo and a lambs wool wash mitt.
Rinse with pressure washer.
Leaving the car wet I spray tar & glue remover, rinse then spray on Valet Pro Dragons Breath and then rinse again.
Now I clay the whole car including the glass using Bilt Hamber clay (medium in the summer, soft in the winter). I do this while the car is still wet and i use water with a tiny amount of shampoo as a lubricant.
I then rinse and 2-bucket wash the whole car again.
Dry with an AutoBrite Direct Reaper towel, I also use a pet hairdryer on grills and seals to force any trapped water out.
Once the car is dry I check for any swirl marks or scratches using a sun lamp. If I find any I will machine polish using Meguiars M205 with a green Chemical Guys Hexalogic pad and a Rupes Bigfoot DA polisher. Rarely do I ever have to use Meguiars M105 on Alfa paint.
Once thats done I wipe down with a 50/50 mix of IPA and apply my wax. I'm a really big fan of Soft99 Fusso from Japan (get it from Nippon Shine, , in England).
I leave that to cure for a couple of hours and then apply a final coat of AutoBrite Direct Project32 gloss enhancer.

I've probably missed a few steps and I've not gone through the engine detail process either...

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i wax mine for the winter, then again six months later for the summer (kinish kare pink wax or 1000p / megs 16# sometimes too. inbetween i usually wash once a week and dry with deamonshine or aquawax. using barrel water helps with avoiding water marks.
usually use chemical guys wash and gloss, mainly due to you being able to get it in big sizes and a little goes a long way. i've always detailed on a budget, so easy to buy the latest product you don't really need.
once you've got your wheels clean, you can use any wax you have on them and they'll come up as good as new every wash.
i clean my neighbours two astras and my brothers two clios as well as my own car, every week. it really does pay to wax them, they come up as good as new every week.
i've only clayed mine twice in the 7 years i've owned it. once you've done it, you'll know how it feels and will know when it needs doing again.
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