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My beloved Giulietta is currently in the bodyshop to put a new drivers doorskin on after my wife reversed into my car while getting her car out of our garage :cry:

We are doing it through her insurance as she has protected no claims and the cost of the damage is about a grand.

Just before it went into the bodyshop while cleaning it i notice another dent on the passenger side sill behind the rear door. There is no damage to the paint on either the side skirt or the sill. Most of the damage seems to be behind the skirt which is completely undamage. It is a real mystery how this damage has happened because i certainly have not done it. It looks like it has been 'sucked in' rather than damaged from the outside.

I am now wondering whether the force of a car driving into my drivers door could be enough to damage the sill on the opposite side of the car?

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Sorry i have no pictures.
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