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Hi guys,
Just a quick opinion required,

My GTA is struggling to start, as in it tries to turn over, fails, then starts again and car fires up and runs perfectly when going. Even after running for a few hours there doesnt seem to be any more power and it goes through the same sequence again and really struggles to start.
Is this the sign of a dead battery rather than starter motor?(after searching forum seems starter motor failure is rare).
Windows cant be operated unless engine is running.
The car was sat for 3 months and just started up every 10 days or so but not actually driven anywhere.
Is it a case of battery charge has fallen too low and just will not fully recover?

Opinions greatefully received!


I'd say it needs a new battery. Once they drop a cell they are next to useless.
Have you got a multimeter to check the voltage? Should be reading between 13 and 14 volts or so I believe.

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I'd start with battery also. Could avoid other serious problems as well. On the other hand if you're not driving longer distances and car is not being used for a while you might charge the battery time to time with a charger. Otherwise new battery will be depleted soon as well.

You can buy a cheap battery check as well. Should give you over 12 V when stand-by and 14 when running (this means the alternator is charging).
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