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I tried some expensive canbus DRLs in my MiTo, though not the ones you mention. Didn't work properly. The supply voltage and the filament resistance and the wiring used works with incandescent bulbs. As soon as you fit LEDs and unless they are designed for the MiTo specifically and its control computer you will get weird behaviour.

If i fitted an LED to one side only it worked really well. As soon as i fitted LEDs to both sides, they were on full brightness and got quite hot. The DRL bit is supposed to switch to side-light mode when you have dipped beam on. The LEDs that I tried didn't do that and i removed them also to avoid melting stuff.

I think that the basic problem is that cheap tail/stop bulbs were used in the MiTo and these work with just 3 wires whereas an LED system requires different control parameters. In the end i fitted incandescent bulbs that matched the colour of my headlamp bulbs.
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