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Hi guys,

Just a few observations recently that I would like a bit of advice on.

Whenever I use the windscreen heaters during a cold snap or to clear condensation on the windscreen so for example going from a cold dash to hot / warm dash I always get pops and crack noises coming from the front dash panel followed by lots of popping and creaking when driving over uneven road surfaces. Obviously this is due to the plastic expanding and contracting and rubbing against the surfaces but I was wondering if anyone else had a fix for this. Was thinking of spraying silicone lube between the windscreen and dash.

Second issue I have noticed is that there's a slight vibration hum coming from in front of the steering wheel when riding the clutch on an incline or decline. I feel like its some sort of plastic touching something else but not sure what. Steering is fine, no other issues. I just like a quiet ride and so notice noises when they spring up. Any ideas? I don't know whether its the wheel itself or the stalks, will do further investigation.

Also random question, for some reason I'm beginning to notice pot holes and uneven road surfaces alot more in terms of ride quality, I really want a soft, comfortable, luxury ride feel that can absorb the impacts of the awful roads in the UK. Not particularly fused about race or cornering ability, but im not talking 1980s American land yacht wallowing around, but just a softer ride. I like the Blistein / B12/ B15 suspension kits but I understand these are sports kits, I think my suspension needs an upgrade being over 10 years old but am looking for something forgiving.

Nit picking really, everything else is spot on at the moment.

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