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Hello Folks,

I am after some opinions please.

To give you a bit of background I have 2 33 engines. Both have wasted spark, so no dizzy. A while ago when building up one of the engines, I put an oil pump in where the shaft that drives the dizzy was bent. I have no idea from all of my parts where the pump came from but I can only imagine someone had taken the sump off and lowered the engine onto the ground. Anyway, it caused no end of problems - with a full engine rebuild for my pain.

After that I managed to source a 145 boxer engine oil pump and of course it is the short one with no extension for the dizzy as they run a coil pack as well.

With my next engine which is on the stand at the moment - which will also run wasted spark - and comparing a 145 oil pump and a 33 oil pump they are the same - except for the dizzy extension. I would really like to trim off the extension so that it mimics the 145 one.

Does anyone have any views on this. i.e. definite 'NO's because..... or 'why not' or I did it and....'

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