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Ok, here is the (raw) deal....
Bought a brand new Alfa Romeo Giulietta last year in March with a PCP finance deal setting a limited mileage of 6K per year. I also paid just over £400 for a 3 years Service Plan.
Now the funny bit...
A couple of days ago I brought the car in for its first service.
I have clocked a ridiculously low mileage of just over 2K....I know, pathetic!
According to the Service Team, because of that, my car was to undergo a Low Mileage Service and that would not include oil and filter change for which I would have had to pay an extra £164. I was advised it was necessary as moisture could have set in and create issues.
I saw red but somehow managed to calmly reply that:
1) I was never explained when buying the 3 Years Service Plan that this was going to be the case, hence I was mis-sold the product.
2) PCP deal stipulating a low 6K was contradictory.
3) If I was not to carry out oil/filter change, the Warranty would be void.
4) I would expect Alfa Romeo to carry out whatever necessary for the vehicle as all other car makers do without messing around with customers.
After consulting with the Sales Team, I was told that for "this time" Alfa Romeo would be footing the extra cost of oil/filter change.
The very same issue will have to be resolved on year 3.
WTF is going on with Alfa Romeo?
The same person later admitted that the Service Plan has recently been amended, one can easily guess why!
Time to name and shame.
The dealership in question is Thames Motor Group (Slough)
470 Bath Road, Slough, Berkshire
Oh, one more thing....
The engineer duly inflated the tyres but did not re-set the system, meaning half way home I got a low tyre pressure warning light going off. No visible sign of a puncture, I made it home and vented my frustration with the Service Department whom suggested a system re-set was not carried out as no warning light went off after inflating the tyres..... are they all morons or believe people are just monkeys? Everyone knows that for the warning light to go off one has to drive a few miles first!
Almost forgotten....I had asked to re-align the upper compartment as it does not close properly and guess what... they instead went to check the passenger's gloves compartment. Even a blind person could have spotted the issue, but not Alfa Romeo!
Happy Days!

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Result on getting it done, as you say if Alfa specify an annual oil change is required for sub 6K mls per year then they are having a laugh saying that it isn't included in the low mileage service.

I remember another Giulietta owner boasting last year about how he'd saved a fortune by signing up to a 3 year service deal, he also stated that all his services & timing belt services were included. He then mentioned that he did low mileage, I asked if the low mileage oil change was included, he said it was. He actually assumed it was but hadn't asked or clarified this, he also hadn't read any of the terms or conditions.

Moral of the story, with something like this make sure you know exactly what's covered & more importantly what's not covered, also get it in writing ;)
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