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Morning all

Done a quick search on this one but came up with nothing quite right. Rear left speaker is a bit dodgy - disconnects randomly and crackles when playing music etc.

On top of that it makes an irritating creaking noise any time I go over bumps or turn sharply. 99% sure the speaker is loose in its housing or similar, behind the panel.

Had a look and seems do-able to take panel off - has anyone else tried this? anything i should be weary of or is it a case of careful directed force and a screwdriver?

(had actually taken it in to Monza Sport in sussex who fobbed me off with a bit of black tape that had "fixed" the problem. On a side note they also "fixed" a loose wing mirror glass, which duly started wobbling again barely 3 miles down the road. Not cool Monza)

any help appreciated!
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