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Long story short my alfa GT 1.9jtd is up for a service, a basic service. The belts and everything else has already been done so this time it is just fluids and filters.

Got a quote from the main Alfa dealer in the area, they came back at 250 Euros, i'm thinking what a great deal from a dealer. 2 week wait to book it in, in that 2 weeks the car sometimes has an issue when starting when the engine is hot. I have ruled out the crank sensor, the battery myself and I am sure it is either the connections or earthing somewhere with the battery leads or one of the relays (probably around less than 40 euros including labour to diagnose). Also I request them to fix the rear brakes as they are stuck on a little bit and sound aweful while driving (this is a simple pull apart, wire brush clean and put back together).

So I'm thinking to get all these things done i'm looking at 400euros MAXIMUM but even if they hit 500 i'll just get it done as i'm now extremely sick of the backwards Tyrolean/Austrian way of doing things...

The car was meant to be complete by Friday lunchtime. Friday PM they call and say the bill will be 2000 euros!!!!! :cheese::cheese:

I say don't do any work on it and send me an invoice of what needs to be done. 3 pages later (all of which in German) I see it all adds up to 2020euros.

Took it to a friend in Germany who is a mechanic and he looks it over with me. He says they have right and leftsupport arms (I checked them literally last week when I swapped the winter/Summer tyres and all was good in there, this is also how I knew to tell them about the rear brakes).

There was also a new battery for some reason even though the batery in there is 3 months old and I have already rulled it out of the issue of the troublesome starting problem. Oh they also charged 20 euros to test the battery lol :tut::tut:

But I think the funniest thing is they charged 50 euros for the windscreen wiper water fluid which I had just filled up the day before at the petrol station and to add to the LOL's is I had a full 5 litre bottle of the stuff in the boot of the car which cost me around 50cents a litre.... :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::cheese::cheese::cheese::tut::tut:

Obviously I have taken the car elsewhere :thumbs::thumbs:

Just thought i'd share this with the online Alfa community.

This is by far the funniest issue with an alfa service centre in Austria. Last time it took another alfa service centre 6 months to diagnose that the EGR valve was faulty. Even when I TOLD THEM THE EGR VALVE NEEDS TO BE CHANGED, they didn't do it. Such incompitence. I wish I knew better German.
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