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Crankshaft replacement advice

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Just want to check with you knowledgable fellows that i'm not over-reacting.
Bought a 3yr/30k miles Skoda Kodiak from Cinch.
It's a lovely car,my wife loves it -its her car - and all was tickety-boo until we got it's service history from local Skoda dealer this morning.
Last December @27k it had a new crankshaft,new crankshaft seals and a leak noted.All done under warranty @ a Skoda dealer. That is all i know as i don't know which garage did the job so can't get any more details about the whys and wherefores.
Immediate reaction was to get rid (under 14 days) ,but its really annoying as in every other way the car is exactly what we wanted, and will be a pain to find another with all the right stuff specced :(
So far Cinch have been fine and car is booked to be returned on Monday

It has to go though right?