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Crank sensor connector

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Hello everyone,

I'm attempting to change the crank sensor, i've actually done the sensor bit, but i can't get the old connector out.

It seems like it's one where you just squeeze both sides and pull, but i've been at it about 3 hours now and it just will not come out.

Am i missing something? Is there something else i need to release?

It doesn't help that it's right down the back so i can't actually see it, so i'm just going off what the new one looks like. Whoever decided that the sensor should be where it is needs shooting, i can't see why they couldn't have brought the connector to the top like most of the others!

Edit: Sorry forgot to mention the car's a 156 2.4 jtd!
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Nevermind, I got a little angry and it came free from the bracket that was holding it. Turns out it was a completely different catch, one on the top that needs pushing down. So the two bits on the connector that push inwards and look like they release the connector are just there for fun, as they don't actually seem to do anything.
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