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With the temperatures reaching 30C in the shade my black TI was sat with the searing sun blasting down on its bonnet for about 6hrs today.

When i got in the car it was unbearable.

I turned the ignition and drove off but straight away i could tell the turbo wasn't delivering power fully and only limited power was available, it was definately in limp mode ! with the get engine checked light on. I parked the car u pin the shade and came back an hour later....everything was fine again.

I've had all the ****£ removed ie egr / dpf do that's not the reason.

Could it be the extreme heat on the black car ?

Going to run some injector cleaner through - whats the concensus as best - Wynns ?

If anyone can link the ecu cable thing from ebay please would you as i'll purchase one tonight.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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