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So, the QV is in the sick Alfa hospital being operated on and I have been given a MiTo 135 Multiair Lusso.

First impressions are that the 1.4 MA sounds good and pulls extremely well; the 170 in the QV must be very impressive.

There are no squeaks or rattles on this year old 17000 mile courtesy car which is very impressive as my Giulietta is not good in this regard but the internal door pulls on the MiTo are coming apart as they don't seem up to the job of hauling the very big and very heavy doors closed.

You do seem to sit higher up in the MiTo than the Giulietta but there's enoough room for my 6'7" frame to fit in. The MiTo has a footrest but I find the side of my foot catches it quite often when going for the clutch pedal so I'm glad they didn't try and squeeze one into the Giulietta.

Steering and ride are not as good on the MiTo. The Lusso is too soft over speed bumps yet bouncy on rough surfaces and the steering is noticably lighter than the Giulietta although not as bad as the wife's Fiat Bravo Sport.

Overall I'm impressed with the MiTo but still prefer the Giulietta. Could I live with one? If it was a Veloce (or Distinctive as it is in the new 2011 spec.) or a QV then yes, I reckon I could. :D
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