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Could do with some advice on buying a 155

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Hello people!

I'm thinking about buying a 155 2.5 V6 purely for selling on, however after looking over it this morning I think it may be a car to keep for a while :D I was very impressed with the kit inside, it seemed to have everything.

I have a few questions about the car if you good people wouldn't mind helping me out wink

I'm not sure of the year. It's on an M reg and from what I could see has no Airbag so I'm guessing it's pre 95... Could anyone verify that for me please. I've read reviews saying not to buy anything pre 95 as they have problems....

I take it it has ABS??

It's got a squeaky Alt belt, is this an easy fix for the competent DIY mechanic??

I would also be changing the cam belt, again would this be a job for me to take on??

Is there anything I should be checking for before I buy?? For example known problems like leaks, dodgy electric's, known rust spots etc,. I know the sunroofs are a common fault on these cars. I believe they fall off their runners (this one has) I'm guessing that's an easy enough fix though..

As I said, provided I don't fall in love with this beast of a car (which I can see happening), I'll be selling it on. I'll be paying £300 for it and hoping to sell for a tidy profit. The car needs work (paint/body work, alloys need refurb, badges need replacing), all niggling little problems. But I think I should be able to return her to her to an almost just rolled out of the factory looking car.

So any help would be much appreciated. Some details of the gadgets and spec of this car would also be very helpful, or to be pointed in the right direction of where to find this info wink A ruff guide on what these cars sell for would also be much appreciated. I've searched the auto trader and other similar sites, but these cars seem very few and far between.

Thanks for any help in advance and thanks for reading

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Hi !!!
Is it a widebody or narrowbody version ???
The widebody can be identified by it's flared front and rear arches, a bit like the Lancia Integrali. The narrowbody has "lips" on the wheel arches.
There is nothing wrong with the earlier cars. The newer widebodies may handle a bit better, but you are talking about the difference between brilliant and excellent.
The earlier V6 is apparently 3bhp more powerful.

That's all I know about the V6 really. Wait until some of the V6 boys come online like Wrinx and Speedy (and others). They will give you much better info.


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Cheers for that mate!

I think it's got to be the skinny version, I can't really remember :eek: being new to this I didn't really know what I was looking for.

I'll be having a good look over it on the weekend, hopefully I'll be borowing the car for the day so it'll give me a chance to get it up on the ramps and also give it a good run. :D

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If you're putting it up on a
ramp,then give the front-pipe
a good check over as you're
talking a minimum of £200 to
replace it, More for a good
quality or OE one.
Also make sure the gearbox is
sound and the the clutch is
ok as this is a known weak
point on the V6.

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Luckily it's had a whole new exhaust and clutch, so that'll be fine.

I spotted the thread about checking the fault codes... Tried to read them last night and couldn't find anything flashing.. Does this mean no codes are stored at this time or am I looking in the wrong place?? What exactly is it that flashes??

Oh I looked at the log book as well last night. It seems it's a 94, so I take it it has to be one of the skinnier models?? I did look at the arches but couldn't make it out :eek: (Not quite the 155 spotter yet wink )

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It's the injector light that illuminates for the test procedure.

Yours will be a skinny, widebody's came in from April/May 1995.


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I don't believe the fault code is applicable to skinny's, my '95 V6 (skinny) certainly hasn't got the injector light.
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