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coughing engine when cold weather

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My 1.8TS seems to suffer when the outside temp -5 degree celcius. The other day, driving at around 120 km/h on the motorway, after 15 minutes, the engine started seriously coughing, like if no sparks in some cylinders/no power, with sudden hits in salves. The entire car gets shaken: Really not nice. Removing the 5th gear and the engine completely turned off!
It already happened last year, but I changed the Motronic chip and the engine behaved much better and the problem seemed cleared.
I started thinking that some sensors (lambda maybe) get disturbed by some cold air, making the Motronic calculation totally weak.
Is this a known problem?
Can I protect some sensors?

Thanks for any help.

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Hi Howard.
Thanks for your reply. I also checked the email thread "Air Flow Sensor" posted (22.10.2001 17:20) by IanD to get more details about the way to clean the AFM module.
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