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New crank is £614.80inc VAT, plus labour, may not be a massive job but then again it could be :rolleyes:

I would get it rolling roaded to check your power,

Are you running RON98 fuel with the chip installed?
Do you know what boost pressure your getting? and what MPG, could be sensor messing with the ECU :confused:


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i know its slightly worn..tbh..shoulda just had a new f**kn engine put in lol... was pulling great a min ago but seems temperamental in how well it goes.. maybe its all in my mind... just usin standard super unleaded at the mo.. will revert back to optimax now tho.. just that i was recomended to do so by walkers... i dont really have the money to spend on it at the moment.. its frustratin.. still canes most other cars off the road tho :cool:
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