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On programs like Cops with Cameras and such trash, when the Police ANPR system clocks a car with no MOT, the subsequent conversation with the driver always tickles me. It tends to go along the lines of:

Police: "The reason we have stopped you sir, is because your vehicle is showing as not having a current MOT."

Driver (slightly flummoxed), long pause: "Ah yeah, no. So what it is see, is that I just bought the car, and the garage said they'd post me a new MOT when the old MOT ran out like, and send it to my mum's. But because I don't get on with my dad, I couldn't get it from my mum's, so my sister's going there to collect, coz she's insured and MOT'd on all cars and stuff like. So I have got sumfink like an MOT at my mum's... I just don't have it on me, ocifer."

Police: "Sir; the MOT certificate isn't sent to you. It's collected with the car once it's passed its MOT test."

Driver: "Yeah yeah yeah, but the thing is you're not hearing me, coz I have got tax on it and..."

Police: "Sir. You don't have a current MOT for this vehicle, do you?"

Driver [reflective pause]: "No."

Why do they bother to fabricate such convoluted stories? :confused:

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What gets me is the results at the end. e.g:-

"The man who was convicted of driving without a licence, insurance and MOT and having crashed into three other vehicles was given 10 hours community service, 3 points on his licence (should he ever apply for one ) and ordered to pay £15 victims tax.

That'll make him think again then (not).
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