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Hi all

I've found something a little odd with the head unit in my car, some of the volume increments seem to have large jumps in quality, as if the amp only works at certain levels and suddenly jumps up or something. Hard to explain.

Can someone please try this for me? Crank your stereo up to volume 41 and listen for a little while, then turn it up to 42 and see if you notice a real difference in quality and bass?! Sounds off I know, but I notice a real change. It sounds crap at 41, but great at 42. Odd.

There are other areas too, I think between 35 and 36, but 41 and 42 is the biggest jump.

I'd appreciate someone confirming that either (a) I've gone mad, or (b) this happens on all of them.

Cheers :thumbs:
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