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I have o compliment 2 GT drivers in Kent today and thought I would post incase they are AO members.

1 on the northbound M20 this morning at around 0830 in an IMMACULATE dark blue GT. Fantastic looking car - good work and well done.

1 on the A28 just outside Ashford in a metallic grey GT, driving towards Stanhope. (it was a diesel judging by the black smoke coming out under acceleration)

Both were perfectly clean and being driven with a bit of 'gusto'.

I, unfortunately, was in my wife's hired Ford Focus and not my bella - otherwse I would have flashed and waved.

If it was you, your car looks great and well done for putting the efforts in to keep the car clean - well worth it as people do appreciate seeing a good clean one.

Great looking car the GT.
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